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Many of these highly compressed files became corrupted, presumably because of the extremely high compression so all of the currently existing files have now been re-done from the original scans but to a much higher quality. Hopefully this will prevent the corruption from re-occurring but it does mean that many file are now considerably larger than the previous versions although with the much higher download speeds that many are now using it should present major issues to most. If you spot a problem can you please let me know?

There's still a hold-up with getting hold of the last few years of Journals which are already stored in electronic format - I've been promised them many time by various Editors but nothing has been forthcoming. The Archives will be completed as and when someone actually sends me the files but I'm not prepared to spent months scanning Journals that are already electronic.  Phil Hawksley.

I have lost track of those good folk who assisted in the scanning of the early Journals so if you were among the team that helped could you please mail me.

Total completed years on-line: 51 Plus some odds & sods

Thanks to Bruce Preston for the loan of many of the older Journals

You will need Adobe Reader to read these files. The latest version can be downloaded free here 

Some files are fairly large (between 400Kb & 25Mb) and will take a while to download so please be patient - the results will be worthwhile. Once downloaded please save the file to your computer where you can browse at your leisure and save the sites bandwidth.

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