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This Archive was last updated February 29, 2024

The latest edition of the Journal is always available for Club Members on the Club Forum here which also includes the past 12 month's worth, but older editions have been made available here for the public to access as they are a very valuable source of information for BMW owners.

I am working with the current editor of the Journal to get this catalogue up to date and we're doing quite well, but this web site would not have been possible without the work of some dedicated Club members. I am most indebted to the late Phil Hawksley for all his effort getting this catalogue of back issues arranged and of course to Bruce Preston for the loan of many of the older Journals and the team of volunteers that performed the scanning of the old copies from before the Journal was produced electronically.

Phil did try to note the names of those volunteers that did the scanning so that they could be credited in the list below but if you were among the team that helped and do not see your name then could you please mail me.

Phil also set up a companion web site which you might find very interesting and for which there is a link at the foot of this page, however as he passed away in 2018 it is quite possible this site may not continue to exist for very much longer.

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